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Mary Untier of Knots

St. Vincent de Paul

(251) 661-3908

Spiritual Director: Monsignor James Kee

President: Roxy Walters

Vice-President: Lori McNicholl

Secretary: Cecilia Wilson

Treasurer:  Sylvia Sullivan

Our Lady Undoer of Knots.jpg

Established November 5, 2014.  Works include: 

  • Organized and conduct Junior Legion of Mary Praesidium;

  • Leading in the work of Extension and Recruitment - form new Praesidia and help existing groups to increase their membership; Door-to-door evangelization;

  • Participated in Peregrinatio Pro Christo projects (PPC) outside of our Archdiocese;

  • Organized and Hosted a PPC within our Archdiocese (17 legionaries from around US participated along with local legionaries);

  • Organize, acquire materials, promote and Conduct Bible study 2 times weekly (ongoing);

  • Nursing home visits; Pilgrim Virgin Visitation in the homes of parishioners;

  • Organize Living Rosary in May and/or October in honor of Our Lady after Sunday Mass  (created and released helium balloon rosary at two of these events);

  • Create and distribute Children's bulletin after Sunday Masses;

  • Organize Investiture (by Priest) of Brown Scapular;

  • Supply & distribute scapulars and Miraculous Medals;

  • Organize and promote First Saturday Devotion;

  • Conduct welcome visits to new Parishioners;

  • Occasionally bring Holy Communion to shut ins as requested by our Pastor;

  • Perform service work for homebound parishioners when needed - running errands, light housework.


For more information, contact President Cecilia Wilson at

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