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Our Lady of Perpetual Help

St. Dominic

(251) 661-5130

Spiritual Director: Deacon Bob Kirby
President: Marguerite Larche
Vice President: Bill Jones
Secretary: Ruth McKitric
Treasurer: Patti Millette

Our Lady of Perpetual Help.jpg

Established in December 1970.  Our main purpose and desire is to bring Jesus Christ, by way of His Mother Mary, to everyone we visit and everyone we meet. Teams at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Praesidium provide a regular weekly presence in nursing homes. Additional works performed by members are Pilgrim Virgin Statue Visits, door-to-door evangelization, help organize and conduct Junior Legion of Mary Praesidium, organize living rosary for parish in October, distribute Miraculous Medals to 2nd graders at the First Communion Retreat, occasionally perform service work for home-bound parishioners, and participated in the Peregrinatio Pro Christo (PPC) in our Archdiocese.  On average, we minister to approximately 45-50 persons weekly.

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