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Our Lady of Fatima (Junior Praesidium)

For youth from all parishes, held at: 

St. Dominic

(251) 661-5130

Spiritual Director: Father Chris Boutin

President:  George Lundy, II

Vice President: George Lundy, II

Secretary:  Janie Seiter

Treasurer: Janie Seiter

Our Lady of Fatima.jpg

Established January 7, 2018. 


Some Junior Legion of Mary works:

  • Visiting Elderly: Visiting a nursing home and interacting with patients

  • Distributing Miraculous Medals:  To be given out during legionary activities and during normal daily activities

  • Crowd Contact:  Giving out sacramentals and literature at parish, school, and community events

  • Leading Rosaries

  • Making Rosaries for distribution

  • Door-to-Door visitations with Senior Legionaries:  Knocking on doors in the diocese to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with others and invite them to visit the Catholic Church

  • Making Rosaries for the Senior Curia members to be distributed by the adults to those they visit.

For more information, contact George Lundy at

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