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Our Lady Assumed Into Heaven

St. Pius X

(251) 473-5004

President: Beth Perkins

Vice President: Betty Mays

Secretary: Cassandra Kilpatrick

Treasurer: Doll Rabbeitt

Our Lady Assumed Into Heaven.jpg

We have a variety of regular works.  These include visiting nursing homes and sharing the Holy Eucharist with Catholics in residence as well as praying for and with the residents. We are also saying the rosary weekly with the residents at the Allen Memorial Home. We have a weekly Rosary Club where we teach a short lesson and say the rosary with students from St. Pius X.  The Praesidium is also sharing our own Pilgrim Virgin with people who need the presence of our sweet Blessed Mother in their homes. Fr. Savoie has asked us to encourage those in the neighborhoods around our church to come to church so we also try to go door-to door in those neighborhoods.  We go two-by-two to homes and offer literature about the church as well as prayer as we visit.  One of our favorite tasks is to visit new moms and their babies.  Father has provided us with books that detail the baby’s faith journey up until Reconciliation.  If there are older children we have a Children’s Bible we give them.

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